SiNaCa Studios

written by Nida Dolani
SiNaCa Studios

 Looking for a different type of adventure? SiNaCa Studios is a hands-on glass blowing studio located in Fort Worth where you can go explore your creative side. The instructors walk you through the entire process. It is definitely a unique experience to share with that special someone. They do have a dress code because you are dealing with extremely hot temperates and it could be dangerous if you don’t have the proper attire (see below). They do require you to make reservations online but if you have any questions you can call them at 817-899-0024.

Price: $100 a person for a two hour class.  Buy Tickets Here
SiNaCa does have specials on Groupon for different classes. This month they are offering a flame working workshop for $49 a person.
Dress Code: wear all-natural, non-synthetic fiber clothing such as cotton, linen, or silk, and closed-toe shoes. Long hair must be tied back or secured under a hat.

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