Lava Cantina

written by Nida Dolani
Lava Cantina
Lava Cantina has something for everyone, including live music, a restaurant, full bar, lots of patio seating, and much more. The venue is a bit smaller, which is perfect for a more intimate experience. It is a great place to go and have dinner, and then enjoy a live performance.

They normally have live events going on each day of the week. Mondays they have specials on their margaritas, Tuesdays is karaoke night which starts at 7pm, Wednesday’s they “singo” which is live music with bingo, Thursday they have happy hour from 10pm to 2am and Sunday’s they have JazzBrunch. View All Weekly Specials Here
If you are going with a group of friends make sure to order the Cowboy Hat drink. They literally give you a whole bottle of alcohol in that hat. It was definitely a attention grabber.
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Make sure you order the Cowboy Hat drink. It cost $40 and you get to keep the hat.

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